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Airport transfer Sibiu

Sibiu is an important hub both for tourists and business man. Having an international airport, the best way of reaching Sibiu is by air. As in many other airports, also in Sibiu Airport one can find taxi companies that can be used for city transfer. Nevertheless, the best way of transfer from the airport to the city is not by taxi!

City Transfer provides a top service – as it puts emphasis on quality – by successfully managing to meet customers needs, be it businessman or tourists.

Compared to a taxi service, the benefits of what City Transfer offers are obvious:

  • A personal driver is provided, available only for the customer, driving him to different locations, depending on the set schedule. As the customers’ safety is a priority, drivers have plenty of experience, ensuring transfers free of unpleasant events.
  • The customer can request a specific car from City Transfer fleet, being able to choose Standard, Business, SUV or Minivan vehicles. All the vehicles in the fleet are new models in a very good condition. 

The main advantages of Airport Transfer Sibiu transportation service

  • Companies using the airport transfer or in-city transfer can benefit from the fact that all the expenses involved are deductible. Moreover, costs are affordable, and the company policy is very transparent in this regard. Plus, the company’s customers can negotiate the final cost and can benefit from substantial discounts in certain situations.
  • Outsourcing this service, especially if business trips are not happening often, is a possibility to reduce expenses, such as: salary paid for a company (customer) driver, vehicle maintenance, using a car for a specific city (Sibiu).
  • Last, but not least, Airport Transfer Sibiu is a service that can be hired 7 days a week, 365 days a year!