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Airport transfer Mures

City Airport Transfer Mures is a service offered to business customers and tourists, for them to have an efficient and safe way to travel, that includes pick up from the airport and transportation according to the set schedule. The fact that this service includes a dedicated driver is one of the many advantages for the customer.

Usually, the customers using Airport Transfer Targu Mures are companies seeking to ensure their employees the best means of transportation during their business travels. Also, among the customers there are individuals with an above average income. Regardless of the category, all the customers want to benefit from quality and safety at competitive prices, which is exactly what City Transfer has to offer.

The main advantages of Airport Transfer Mures transportation service

The Airport Transfer service offered by City Transfer to its customers is clearly superior to those provided by taxi companies, primarily because it can provide any preferred car from the company’s fleet – Standard, Business, SUV or Minivan – plus a personal driver available for the contracted period. Moreover, the fleet consists of new, well maintained cars, permanently checked both for technical and cleanliness standards.

On the other hand, outsourcing this service and using Airport Transfer Mures means 100% deductible expenses for the company (customer), but it is also the perfect alternate to hiring a driver who will be used only for business trips – which can happen rarely, and the financial effort will not be profitable for the company (customer).

There are cases, such as the one involving the employees transfer, when purchasing a vehicle for the company is not a wise decision, because of the expenses involved: maintenance, insurance taxes, vignettes, or other similar costs. Outsourcing the service to City Transfer can be the best option, as the contract can be negotiated, so the customers can enjoy special fees and substantial discounts.

Specifically, Airport Transfer Targu Mures transportation service may include:

  • Pick up from the airport for the customer. The time will be set beforehand, according to the arriving time;
  • Driving the customer to the hotel (if applicable);
  • Driving the customer to the required locations, according to the set schedule.

Our clients can use Airport Transfer Mures transportation service 7 days a week, 365 days a year!