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Airport Transfer Cluj

Shuttle Service or Airport Transfer is a top service provided by our company, offering the best conditions and high-quality standards. It is especially addressed to business customers and tourists, but it is also available for anyone seeking this kind of service in a high standard.

airport transfer cluj


What should you know about Airport Transfer Cluj transportation service


City Transfer service is nothing like the usual services offered by taxi companies. It is more than that! Unlike the taxi services, the customers who choose our service will end up having a personal driver who will respect their requirements, transporting them safely wherever they need to go and according to their agenda.

The service is suitable for customers with average or above average income and it is, without a doubt, cost-effective. Among our regular customers we have companies that need the airport transfer service for their employees, so they can have a suitable transportation during their business travels. To these clients we offer the possibility to negotiate special fees with substantial discounts.

The driver is 100% available for the customer, according to the contract terms. Moreover, the customer can request the preferred car type from City Transfer car fleet: Standard, Business, SUV or Minivan for airport transfer – all new, well maintained cars, regularly checked both for cleanliness and technical aspects.

What should you expect from Airport Transfer Cluj transportation service

  • Pick up from the airport, at the time agreed beforehand;
  • Driving the customer to the preferred hotel;
  • Driving the customer to the place where he/she needs to be for a certain meeting;

The list can go on, each client having his own particular needs, depending on the set schedule.

What are the advantages of using Airport Transfer Cluj transportation service

  • 100% deductible expenses for the company (customer);
  • The company (customer) does not have to hire staff (drivers) to handle the transfer, because this service can be necessary only occasionally. Expenditures for the employee salary and all the required taxes may exceed the amount needed to arrange the transfer service with us.
  • Last, but not least, the company (customer) does not need to invest in a vehicle that will require other expenditures: maintenance cost, RCA and CASCO insurance payments, vignette and others.

Airport Transfer Cluj transportation service can be hired 7 days a week, 365 days a year!